Everywhere, anywhere, as much as we possibly can….

This bug really hit when we were stationed in Japan, the first time… My husband had the opportunity to visit 13 countries in 3 years, and as a family we were able to explore so much central Japan had to offer… Now we are back in this crazy beautiful country, stationed down in Kyushu island and we can’t get enough…

From different terrain, to food, to the culture and people, traveling will change you. It will open your eyes to a world far beyond what you see on social media, the news, in magazines… Its an energy, a spiritual journey. Mother Nature has so many different outfits and attitude spread all over the globe, and she shows it all off in unique ways…

Our family has recently set “Travel” as a priority… We live simplistically, more minimally and economically so we can hopefully afford to see as much as we can with our 4 children before they leave the Nest. We hope to instill this same hunger of LIFE into each of them that we have evolved to crave.

Our bucket list is looonnnggg, and our dreams are big, but we only have one life, and we are going to make the absolute most we can of it!

Our journey is starting locally, here in the country we currently call home, Japan. Im sharing our favorite hiking, beaches, towns, etc as we journey to them… We have plans to visit a few other spots here in Asia over the next few years, and hike Mt Fuji again along a different trail!

So please stay tuned…. And feel free to contact me on your favorite sites and adventures here in the area as well!