The Shop

Well, here’s a little back-story… I started a Crochet Shop on FB about 7 years ago… I was pregnant with my third child and adjusting to the life of a stay at home military mama… Working with my hands and tuning back into my creative soul was amazing… I made hats for baby to adult, ranging from simple slouchy style to animals and characters.. It was so much fun.. I called the shop JuneBug Inspirations, after our little baby to be born in June… I branched myself out in my community and started crafting handmade blankets and scarves as well, and also some photo props for newborn photographers who reached out to me! I just loved running into the children on the playground who were wearing one of my hats, seeing them play and feel unique in their My little Pony hat, or fox hat, or pink bear hat… Whatever it was, it was colorful and fun…DH2A1337.jpg

A few years later, a move to Yokosuka, Japan, and some very tired hands, I did a shop change… I still made the hats, opened a small Etsy shop, and changed the name to Lewey’s Nest. I drew inspiration from all of my children, and since it was a family affair I figured the shop needed to evolve, same as we were as family… At this point I had donated some of the earnings to over 20 charities! I had met some amazing people along the way who had made my hand made goods into a family Holiday tradition, who shared photos of their children and babes snuggled in their blankets or playing in the snow keeping warm in their caps… My heart was so happy! But I was growing tired of the continuous knitting… We moved back home to Florida in 2015, and very soon after I was pregnant with my 4th babe… Our last child to complete our family.. I closed up the shop so I could truly enjoy this final pregnancy (and also survive it!!) However I still felt a pull to craft… Aside from filling my days with house projects, restoring furniture, sewing pillows, etc, I had an urge to make my little new Bean a doll. If you have read “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert then you will understand me when I say that ideas move organically through you, you have to grasp onto them and do something with them, or they will pass you by. So thats what I did! While staying home with my Astoria through her first year, I started a new project as a branch to LN… Tea and Story.RB@

Named for my 2 youngest children, Teagan and Story, dolls started pouring out of me… I found a new craving, fabric and prints and organic cottons and linens… I started making them just for the girls, then a few friends, then found that people became interested so I made a few custom dolls, and put some on Etsy… They did well and I found a new love for crafting!

Life happened, once again, and the great thing about being your own boss is that you can detach when need be… Or at least I do. When I get overwhelmed, I step back. When the children need me to be 100% present, I take breaks… When my husband is home and not at sea, I close up. But when I do have the time and freedom to create, you will find my page and shop fill up with goodies! We have recently moved back to Japan, now on Kyushu Island, and husband has started to deploy, so the Shop has opened once again… DH2A1602This time Im sharing goodies created from my new passion of plant dying… I hope to talk some about that on my Blog SOON since it has become a project that is just pouring from my soul! The shop is slowly filling with Woodland Animal bonnets and hats, dolls and baby goods, and some Boho Wall Art… All of the products Im using are purchased supporting other small shops and artisans… Im incredibly passionate about supporting other creativeprenuers, because I feel that the quality is always more beautiful, and the story behind the finished product has so much depth and beauty… 18589025_1538163106254271_235075066401379052_o

You can find most of my Hand-Made Creations on my FaceBook Page @ LeweysNest or newly on my IG Crafterprenuer page @leweys.nest… I hope you stay tuned! xoxo