Vegan//Holistic Lifestyle//Recipes

Hello friends!

I thought I would add a little page here in this space to share about our lifestyle… We are a holistic, chemical free, cruelty free, vegan family.

We shop up-cycled/thrifty/fair trade when it comes to our home and clothing… We keep everything from cleaning supplies to toiletries to beauty products all plant based and chemical free, and anything we purchase, use, or put in our bodies is vegan and not made from the suffering of another. It takes more time, more research, and is not as convenient as going to your local large department stores and markets sometimes.. But its a lifestyle, and once you dive into it you see the world is changing!! You find that you buy much much less, the products are much better quality, you end up supporting small business and artisans from around the world, farmers in your local community, our brothers and sisters who are supporting their community, their family.. Its such a beautiful thing to me.

We weren’t always vegan however… This has been a journey of mine for years… I went completely vegan in 2015, after transitioning from more vegetarian// clean eating diet. The benefits of this lifestyle, for me, were amazing. For the first time in years I stopped being sick, my hormones regulated, skin cleared up completely, and I was able to keep a healthier weight without killing myself with exercise and dieting… I dove into the rabbit hole of research, clean eating and plant based. For me, the transition to veganism was simple, it made sense. At the time, I did it for my health, now its a whole other ball game! Now I am more passionate about this lifestyle, Im passionate for the animals, all animals, and our environment… In 2016 I gave birth to our 4th child following a vegan pregnancy… I have been breastfeeding her since on my vegan milk, she is now 29 months old… She is the happiest, healthiest baby! Over the last few years, my husband and other three children have all come on board to this way of living, and all on their own… They have become passionate in their choice as well and I honestly couldn’t be prouder of them!

Im also a big believer in oils…. I was introduced to essential oils about 4 years ago from a friend who was selling Doterra… the smell drew me in, but then I discovered the benefits… The world of oils amazes me! My favorite brand is Mountain Rose Herbs, where I also purchase my organic teas, as well as some spices and other kitchen goodies… Their oils are so pure and wonderful! We use the oils to kill off sickness in the winter, for calming babes, for cleaning and purifying, I could go on! I hope you find some oils you like and reap the awesome benefits!

Im really bad about actually photographing our meals before they are devoured, but I will try to share more recipes as I can…

Some of my favorite peeps to follow on IG for vegan recipes or lifestyle tho are Minimalist baker, Forks Over Knives, Food Matters, Ellen Fisher, Earthy Andy, Hot for Food, and ElaVeganDH2A4017