Photo Journal… My Family


This is My Family.

They are my inspiration, my driving Life force, my heart and soul and blood and tears and joy. My children are completely unique and bring so much contrast and individuality to our home…

I, just like many of you, really dove into taking pictures when I became a Mom. I felt the urgency to document every moment… First steps and giggles and snot bubbles… That visit from Great Grandpa, the road trips, the holidays…

I had a Canon film camera when my older children were young, and could feel that electrical pulse of excitement even back then… Circumstances left me without a real camera though for years, until my husband bought me my first DSLR back in 2012… I knew nothing of the digital photog world, but I began shooting everything and anything I saw beautiful, taking a couple of classes, and just playing around in editing, and now here I am… Still learning, as I feel you do with anything your passionate about.

Over the years I became more and more drawn to just the simple everyday moments that will be forgotten someday… The way all of my babies would sit on the floor with a box of cheerios or how each of them has thought smashing their face against the window like a sucker fish is the funniest thing… I love the way the wind blows through my seven year olds hair when we ride in the car, or the concentration on my sons face when he draws… The tears and squeezy hugs, the spontaneous laughter and silly faces… I don’t care where we are, what we are wearing, the perfection of composition of the shot, or even if it is perfectly in focus, as long as I capture the emotion… the memories.

I have evolved and grown so much as a photographer, that I actually feel ok calling myself that (Har har…) For years I was just trying to get there, comparing myself to others and feeling like I wasn’t ever good enough. But I was so wrong. Photography is an art, and art is as diverse and special as the person creating it… Its an extension of yourself, your vision… Your story.

So here is a glimpse of mine. IMG_3359-Edit-2IMG_3335-Edit-2IMG_1752cropped-story.jpgIMG_4913DH2A9844DH2A5876-Edit2DH2A1040-3IMG_0397IMG_0342-Edit copyIMG_0325-EditIMG_4747-EditIMG_3619IMG_3876IMG_3106-Editmad.jpgIMG_9130DH2A5929-EditDH2A5988-EditIMG_0087-EditIMG_6086-Edit-4-Edit copyIMG_6714-EditteaIMG_0934-Edit-13.jpgDH2A0611-Edit-Edit2DH2A2945DH2A8866-2DH2A6023-EditDH2A3415-Editgirls.jpgbnw2IMG_0548-EditDH2A0113DH2A4029IMG_9475DH2A2991-EditIMG_1231IMG_3552-Edit copyIMG_8826-EditDH2A0025IMG_6113-Edit copy 2DH2A1564-Edit.jpgIMG_2310-Edit

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