Who am I?

My Life.

Well it is filled with characters, beauty, chaos, laughter, children, the everyday “norm” and yet, unexpected….

I have an incredible man who made me his partner in life October 25, 2009… I am honestly infatuated with him… From his soul to his blue eyes, to the way he fathers all of my children… My best friend, who I walk beside.DH2A4029

I am a Mother of 4 children… My oldest baby girl, Madison Paige, is in her teens… she is challenging and dramatic, loving and kind. She keeps the heart of a free child… Still dressing up as animals with her baby sister, an artist, a kindred spirit… She made me a mother… All I hope is that someday she will be my best friend, and always stay close. My boy, Edward Riley, is right behind her. He is man of the house when Dad is deployed, and absolutely loves the crazy women in his life. He is always smiling, and telling really bad jokes, he gives the best hugs. My son. Then there is little T… Teagan Aubrey Nevaeh.. she brings the crazy fun to the family… she is very high spirited, maybe slightly gifted… her blue eyes and curls could stop you in your tracks. She loves animals and drawing, and right now all things baby. She is very excited about being a big sister… They are my wild ones… And then there is Story… Astoria Moon, our newest addition. She just turned 2, and we all absolutely adore her. She is the easiest of all of them and an absolute clown, always making everyone laugh, and she loves to dance.DH2A1830

I love everything about being a mom… I feel like it was my calling in life… Im not perfect at it, by any means, but watching my children flourish makes me a stronger woman, everyday. I have always dreamed of a big family… One that fills our home with a beautiful energy, where there is love around every corner and silence is almost non-existent… May sound a little strange, but I just cant get enough of the natural chaos that is my little family. It wasnt always as rounded and organic as it is today… I became a mother unexpectedly at a very young age, had some very rocky points of finding my way as a single mom of 2, before my Andrew walked into my life. He has nourished us with laughter and love.. Provided us with all we would ever want for. And here I am talking about him again… infatuated.

Being a mother comes with a primal love, something you feel through every fiber of yourself… Un-explainable.

We also have a beautiful Golden Retriever we adopted while stationed in Japan 5 years ago… He is always at my heals, incredibly patient with our young ones who are constantly climbing on him, dressing him up, and pulling out his fur… he is a disaster who I couldnt live without…

You will see photos of all of them and our adventures throughout my Blog!

As for me, I love stories… A persons journey, whether told or captured in images. I love books, Alice Hoffman pulls at my heart strings. I love photography… I think part of me just sees the world around me in pictures, so Im quick to have a camera in my hand to try and freeze time… hold the memory. I am a vegan, and super passionate about it… My husband and children have followed me on that path.. I love coffee. I love the ocean and being outdoors… the trees, the elements, nature all around me. I love all living things. I love yoga. I love the color green. I love love love Birds.

This blog has changed, I feel organically, into something more simplistic.. A little corner of the internet where I can share our story, some of my favorite moments, milestones… yet still sharing recipes and favorite crafts or finds… I hope you stay tuned, or come visit every now and then…







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