Saga…. International Balloon Fest

Yeah Yeah, I know… Y’all are so tired of hearing from me how much I love it here, the people here, our experiences…. But the bottom line is that this is TRUTH.

At every turn this country seems to put me in a state of Wonder. My eyes take in the beauty while my soul expands and this feeling of content pleasure with a splash of openness to all this world has to offer washes over me.

A couple of weeks ago we drove out to Saga for an event I had been looking forward to for months…. The International Balloon Festival. People from around the world come to fly in this competition out in the middle of the rice fields, and the Balloons are dressed to impress!

Our family had not been to Saga yet since moving to Southern Japan, so the drive out was a journey in its own… A whole different side of the country where we rode through farm land and  valleys surrounded by mountains, listening to Andrews playlist of top 90’s songs and reminiscing about our youth.

Well, long story short, our day had a slight disappointment. The wind about 150 feet above our heads picked up and the balloons content fly. Womp Womp Womp. I was bummed. As we watched the hundreds of people flood in the direction of the train station, we stayed behind for a bit, and Im so glad we did! The announcer from the event caught a glimpse of Story sitting on Dad’s shoulders and came down to talk to them… His name is Lyall Landry, a local Saga radio host and TV personality, and SUPER nice guy! Turns out he grew up in Sasebo and graduated from the same high school Madi and Riley attend! Im telling you, the people we meet make our days here! Also, some of the awesome balloon competitors decided to blow up their balloons a pose for photos so the day wasn’t a total loss! Ya’ll rock, and thank you for that!

The trip was salvaged, per usual, and the drive home with the sunset over 200 year old Japanese homes was spectacular… There is always next year to see those balloons flying <3

Till next time… xoxo