A Day in Arita…


Well, first I gotta say, its another long post…. But this is our scrapbook, and in Arita, there is just so much beauty, so much to explore, so I have so much to share <3

The small town of Arita is only about 30 mins from our house… And its become somewhere completely dear to us. There is a magical feeling, like your in a tiny Harry Potter world, especially on the rainy days… The clouds nestle themselves on the mountains, the lush green contrasts across grey skies, and all of the old cobblestone and brick stand out against that backdrop… The shops you find among the streets are filled with hand crafted pottery and porcelain, old kilns, bells and pots and china… And the shop owners were darling and welcoming.

We ventured much farther then the few streets however, crossing old stone bridges, hopping streams, hiking up through the woods to find so many treasures this place has to offer… From evergreens to succulents, the environment is gorgeous… Then in between you discover the hand laid tile structures of emerald and cerulean that blow your mind…

On this outing Andrew and I only had the littles, and they made Arita their playground… We will be back Im sure so so many times, because here, I fell in Love…









Until next time… xoxoDH2A7661-2