Ikitsuki Island and Hirado Castle


Ok, so its a longer post then usual, but it was an amazing day of exploration with the bebes and one we wouldnt want to forget!!

We took on Ikitsuki Island…

When searching for a fun day out a while back, I came across a photo of a large Buddha Statue holding a basket of fish. Im not sure why exactly I was so drawn to it, but after a little research I completely understood… So a day trip was in the works! We were going to visit Daigyoran Kannon…

The drive out to Ikitsuki from Sasebo is beautiful… It takes you through Hirado, where we stopped off for a break at the beach, and winds you down through the mountains and over a huge bridge connecting Ikitsuki to Kyushu.. Once over the bridge you can stop off an visit a museum, or tour the fishing village.. There are little signs in English which you can follow to little hidden gems and shrines, as well as some of the bigger attractions on the Island!

We just followed our instincts and worked our way around the whole Island, stopping off where we liked!


You cant get anywhere here n Southern Japan without passing by many rice fields… DH2A3867

Ikitsuki Diagyoran Kannon Statue…

“In Japanese Buddhism, Kannon is the Bodhisattva of compassion… Kannon prays for world peace and the safety of those that are out on the sea… It also mourns over those lost at sea and marine animals…”

As a Navy Wife, well you get it.


There is a beautiful set up of ancient wood carvings and a shrine inslide of Kannon…


We worked our way around to the west side of the island… Most people live on the east end since the west faces out onto the open ocean and tends to be very windy! It was… DH2A3966DH2A3945

“The Hill are Alive, with the Sound of Music….” Yes I embarrassed all of the kids with my arms out stretched just like Julie Andrews… It seriously felt like that part of the movie to me!!


Shiodawara Cliffs were incredible… Something about being there on the edge f the sea like that just makes you feel so alive!

We ended up taking a little hike through the woods, then hanging out at a lookout where about 30 Motorcyclists showed up for a break at the ice cream truck!


DH2A3984-EditDH2A4017DH2A4029DH2A4038DH2A4066It was getting late in the afternoon, but we were on the adventure high, so instead of heading home we decided to stop by Hirado Castle!

The Japanese stray cats are so friendly… This one reminded us of our little Nubbs who living in our backyard in Zushi… DH2A4083DH2A4092

We met a Samuri! Who drove a Volkswagon :)

And toured the grounds and museum until sunset… It was a beautiful area and really pretty views! From the lookout you can actually see Saikyoji Temple, which we hope to visit very soon!



We are having so much fun exploring all that Southern Japan has to offer, and have so much planned for the Summer! So stay tuned!

Till next time.. xoxo