Tour of Our Japanese Home…


Our little Japanese Home….

Ok, so I cleaned my house today… Hmmmm that sounds like Im usually messy, not the case, but I do have 4 kids and there is always a pile of laundry on the couch, there are always dishes in the sink, and toys are usually littering the floor… But today I picked it up to at least get a few shots of the house so someday we can look back and remember this time we lived in a Cho!

When coming back over to Japan it never occurred to us that we would live out in town! When we were stationed in Yokosuka we were in base housing, and we figured with the 6 of us and a large dog, we would be in the same position.. But upon arrival in January we learned different.. NO housing available and the wait was about a year! But I loved the thought of being “Out in Town” and it looked better to me then RPP housing, so the hunt was on! We took the 2nd house we viewed since, well, our counselor said take it because there is NOTHING else available, nor will there be for a few weeks, and we had to get out of the lodge…

I guess Im also writing this post since when moving back over to big blue ocean I didnt find very much on the net about living in a Cho… I didnt know what to really expect from housing here in Sasebo since I had only been to a few houses of friends up in Yoko (but they were apartments..).. Almost all of the housing in our Cho look, for the most part, this same style! Maybe this will help someone coming out this way! So here I go…

Our home is in Gonjoji-Cho… about 25mins from Main Base Sasebo, and 20mins from Hario Village… It is considered a Western Style home since its more modern and doesnt have tatami rooms or rice paper walls… (which I really wanted, but lets face it, Id never see that deposit again!) We have a solar paneled roof (which is super common here in Sasebo where they pride themselves on being eco efficient) and a great balcony, but no yard… That one is tough, and our Harvey hates it… However we really enjoy walking around our neighborhood where there are parks and paths along the rice fields.. Also my favorite Farmers Market is about a 5 minute drive so Im always stocked up on local produce! Ill do another post about our Cho (Japanese neighborhood) soon.. DH2A3296DH2A3290

Yep, thats all the yard we have… I didnt think that lack of green space would bother me, but for our family who spends a lot of time outdoors, its rough! I am growing a garden and we have parsley, lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, lavender, green onions, and a lemon tree!

So heres a tour! Starting with the shoe room.. No shoes in the Japanese homes so they give you tons of shoe storage right at the door! We also have access to our “garage” from this room… Its really more of a shed tho…

From the “mud” room, you enter the living/dining combo.. In our home this is fairly large for a Japanese house! We fit all of our furniture, and I even bought Andrew a new handmade desk this past weekend at a Bazar that I squeezed in! Its a welcome home gift ;)


New Desk! Handmade by a french designer in Indonesia (where he lives with his wife) from teak and recycled boat wood… Its beautiful and one of a kind… And we love the mid century style!


And here is our kitchen…. Its teeeny, but larger then the other house we looked at… No stove so I bought a convection oven that is getting us by… We dont use the dish washer since it fits like 4 cups, and there is no counter space, but its light and airy and again, tons of storage! I should have baked some muffins and straightened the pictures on the fridge, but that wouldnt be real life since muffins last 5 seconds after they come out of the oven, and the girls change the pictures every time they draw something new… DH2A3278DH2A3280DH2A3281

Here is our one bathroom, yep thats all she wrote!  The shower is HUGE and has a soaker tub and the whole room doubles as a clothes dryer.. The Navy loaned us a teeeeeennnny stack-able washer/dryer (and now all I do is laundry! 1st world problems, but I miss my commercial load Samsungs from the states!) At lease someone can be using each space individually at any time.. Makes mornings not as bad… Also, yes, we have a fancy toilet! Its heated which is nice when its freezing in winter (because yes, its cooold in the house during those months!!)

Madi’s room is downstairs… The house is listed as 6 Rooms (kitchen, living area, and 4 rooms), and the Japanese will use each room for multiple purposes.. We are using it as a 4 bedroom house.. I think this room is meant as an office, but it works!


Story loves sisters room ;)

We have a landing at the top of the stairs I use as an indoor/outdoor play space… There is a sliding glass door that opens out to the large balcony where the girls play in the Tee-pee on most nice days! We have a bunch of flowers growing in pots and hanging space to dry out clothes…

Harvey thinks the tee-pee is his…

Then there is Rye’s room…


And Tea and Story’s… Story still co-sleeps with us for now tho… Her mattress will slide under Tea’s bed like a trundle when she moves in there..DH2A2817

The master bedroom is actually really big… We have a huge walk in closet (we joked and said it could be Story’s room since it has a window!) and another sliding glass door leading to the balcony! I also have my craft table up here so I can keep my projects out of the way and work on them when the girls play up here!


We are truly loving living in this home… Its unique and has been a fun experience so far… We are currently still on the wait list for base housing however… Commuting the kids to both bases for Elementary and Middle school has been incredibly difficult, especially when you throw in after school activities as well… Also the kids would like the freedom of going out and playing with friends, I would like a yard where I can garden barefoot and throw the ball with my dog… So will we stay in the Cho?? I dont know… We will cross that bridge when an offer comes around for base housing…

Until then tho… xoxo