Tenkaiho Park// Sasebo


This weekend we found some seriously beautiful spots within 20 mins to Sasebo Main Base… The first one was Tenkaiho Park which overlooks Kujukushima, 99 islands!


The coastlines here in Japan always blow my mind… They seem vastly different to me then being in the US, from the textures to the colors to just the overall feeling you get when looking out on the horizon… The energy is palpable, and just what I needed as a reset to what Ill admit was a hard week for me… Mother Nature showing all her glory through sun, sea, and land… These pictures dont do any justice to how magnificent this place on Earth is to me…


The park is home to a small flower maze which was completely in bloom, along with huge Azalea bushes where the butterflies and bees were busy pollinating and buzzing amonst the blossoms… The girls were in heaven with all of the flowers and colors, chasing eachother through the trails to smell one bud, then the next!DH2A2740DH2A2729DH2A2760

Madi sat down with Story on a bench and within seconds found herself becoming covered in Lady Bugs! DH2A2751DH2A2796

Tenkaiho is also home to 2 little goats who live on the edge of a small farm… They were so sweet and the kids fed them clovers and tall grass while the larger one sang to us and gently nudged his head towards our hands so we would pet him… I named him Elton John for his singing and studded collar ;)  And I honestly didnt think we would be able to pry Story away… She is such an animal lover…DH2A2588DH2A2575DH2A2595

DH2A2602That spotted nose!!! The other goat was much more shy, and just a tiny little thing, but Story called her flower, and she eventually came around as well…DH2A2567DH2A2622DH2A2651

The afternoon was perfect… We followed it up with dinner out and made plans to head back the same direction the following day to venture a bit farther down to Shirahama Beach! (My next post ;)) DH2A2779DH2A2788

Until then, xoxo