Nagasaki// Chinese Lantern Fest- Part 2

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Last weekend we made our first trip down to Nagasaki… You may have already seen my last post where I created a short video of clips from our day at the Chinese Lantern Fest… You can find it here:

So Ill call this Part 2!

Our time spent among-st all of the people is almost indescribable.. There is an energy like no other… The sounds of drums and conversation and children around every corner.. The street food filling ally ways with aromas of peach buns, Chinese fried noodles, skewers of meat and dumplings.. Its a rhythm that just works, thousands all crammed into one street called ChinaTown.

I was so happy to come home with photos and clips of the people, the way they are. The elderly holding hands and bowing as we walk by, touching Story on the head and wishing her luck. The children who approached us saying “Hello” in English as we respond with “Konichiwa”.. Just so interested in us and wanting the interaction with foreigners…   The women making spring rolls or serving us peach ice cream and asking us how we like them, “Oishi” we would respond! Huge grins all around….

The lanterns were incredible… Each intricately adorned in color and detail, strung from rooftop to rooftop in every direction… You couldnt help but be mesmerized by all of its beauty!

These are the shots I got while carrying Story in her snuggy (5+hours!), in between chowing down food, wiggling between the crowds, absorbing as much as I could breath in of this experience… Hope you enjoy!

IMG_5556 copy

IMG_5491 copy

IMG_5489 copy

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IMG_5484 copyIMG_5485 copyIMG_5503 copy

IMG_5538 copyIMG_5562 copyIMG_5561 copy

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IMG_5648 copyIMG_5643 copyIMG_5656 copyIMG_5662 copy

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IMG_5713 copyIMG_5719 copyIMG_5728 copyIMG_5734 copy

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IMG_5797 copyIMG_5796 copyIMG_5807 copyIMG_5810 copy

And with that, I say, Sayonara Nagasaki… You were awesome and we will be back real soon… xoxoxo