Road Trippin… Natural Bridge, VA


This Summer I think we re-discovered something… Our kids LOVE to Travel. We had forgotten how much it runs through their veins, how much living overseas had changed them… We have been on a few mini-road trips over the past few years, since being home from Japan, but nothing like the travel we did this past season… And I couldnt be any more grateful for it!

On our way home from Maine this past July we made a stop. Natural Bridge, VA.. My husband had been there as a child and could vividly remember so much about it… So it just seemed like a perfect place to stretch our legs, take a hike, and enjoy another of Mother Natures gifts. The park was so beautiful, and tranquil, and quiet. We arrived at opening, so missed the Native American section (which was a bummer since it looked really unique!) but couldnt have had better weather, and had almost the whole place to ourselves! Ill let the photos tell a bit of the Story….









I highly recommend this as a stop to make along the way if your doing a cross country trip up the East Coast! Till next time… xoxo