Just Another Beach Day…

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The Paper Kites always plays in my head when Im photographing my kids exploring and running free in nature…. Hence the song at the top <3

This past Friday afternoon our whole family piled in the car and took a trip to the beach… We knew storms were rolling in for the weekend and there is nothing better to me in Florida then a cloud filled sky.

We ended up under the Destin Bridge, always a beautiful spot, and nice and deserted come 6PM! It was cool and windy, the waves were choppy, and the energy that filled the air was electric.

At the end of a super busy week, its just nice for a reset…The kids always get along best when we are out of the house and I get that true, UN-distracted family time I crave.

I let the photos tell the story though….

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Pretty stoked about Summer Break being just weeks away!! Im ready for a bunch more evenings, just like this <3