Paper Airplanes…


This little girl of mine…..

All four of my children keep me on my toes, feeding me daily with inspiration and stirring up my creativity… But this child is my Story teller.

From day one we knew she was unique, a force of nature… Gifted and artistic, bold and stubborn… She draws you in with deep indigo eyes, and if there is trust between you, she will share her soul.

From books she writes, pictures she draws, tales she tells, her mind never pauses… Imagination and play are integrated into every part of her..

I pick up my camera at moments I hope to freeze, that showcase who she is in this brief part of the day. I have found a balance of when to shoot, and when to just sit back and watch, take a mental picture and let it knit itself into my heart.


This is one of those beautiful times we flew paper airplanes of Pooh Bear and Friends around the front yard… Between the wind in her hair and the laughter blowing around us, its a memory I will never forget.