She’s Thirteen.


Im just in AWE.

Maybe partly because we have made it this far, and I know some of you mamas out there feel me! Raising girls is beautifully terrifying… well, at least for me it has been. I became pregnant with my Madison Paige when I was just a teen myself… Having a child that young is not ideal, however she completely changed my life. She saved my soul. She made me a mother. She was my calling…

Im so proud of the little woman she is becoming… She has a beautiful soul, a free spirit.. She is caring, dramatic, awkward, loud, and confident… She is an incredible artist, illustrating everyone she crosses… In a Japaname style.. Her nose is usually found in a book, and her taste in music is just awesome- ranging from the Cranberries to John Butler Trio to 5 Finger Death Punch… She dances like nobody is watching. She is taller then me. In the sun, her eyes turn deep amber. She’s my pal.

I love her to the Moon.


I took her in the woods on a Monday evening and snapped some photos, of just her being her. Thirteen.