An afternoon with Tea.

These cloud filled days here on the Panhandle have been pulling at my heart strings…. We had a relentless Summer, and even unsatisfying Autumn, but with the Welcome of December we have had grey skies and rain. My kind of weather.

Since closing up custom orders this Fall, I have finally found a little time to focus on un-done projects… My craft room is piled high with yarn and fabric, uncompleted items to be made for my own Little Birds. It makes me sad that they have been on the back-burner, yet I feel as though I have hit a new Creativity High! Just diving into the organic process of designing something unique for my daughters…. Trying to figure out something ‘made with Love’ for my Son…. Knitting scarves and hats for Family… Starting on new Dolls for all of my Children… A Handmade Holiday Season.

One project I have been slowly working on for my Tea Bird is a Poncho//Hooded//Kinda Sweater thing?? I saw a bear one on Pinterest and felt inspired! Teagan said she didnt want ears, that Flowers would do. She went to the store and picked out a deep blue……. She waited patiently as I worked a little on it every night. Now she calls it her “Cozy”.

She’s happy, I am happy. <3

We had a perfect day of wind and falling leaves and that spicy smell of December in the air last week.. One where the sky was just talking to us. Weather that used to scare her to the bone but now excites her almost as much as it does me. We drove down the street to a spot by the pond and ran through tall grass and quaked with ducks… Made a memory.

They wont be little forever… Ill blink and it will be all over. So for now I will make things for them. To make them happy. To encourage their imagination. Ill watch them play <3