An October Day at Holland Farms….


We had one of those perfect early Fall weekends… October is my favorite month of the year, by FAR! Cooler weather brings a different smell to the air, something spicy and fresh… Natures change, from the produce to the leaves, mmmm I just love every second of it!

October 1st brought us Floridians a FABULOUS ‘cool’ front, where we finally dropped out of the Summer heat and into a boot wearing, pull out the sweaters, crispness… Those who are around me often could just sense my extreme mood change, as I went from a very crazy “tired of this damn heat!!!” pregnant woman, to a little glow-like mama of 4 to be :)

I have been counting down for weeks now when the local Pumpkin Patches would be opening! Did my research and chose Holland Farms in Milton… It was perfection… An old peanut farm, with all the rustic charm you could ask for… Blue grass// banjo playing band, sunflowers as far as the eye could see, boiled peanuts, horses, corn maze, and a real tractor hayride…  yeah I was a very happy girl, which made for a happy husband, and some durn happy kids!

IMG_6107 copy


IMG_6081 copy



IMG_6088 copy


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I gotta say, at the moment we worked our way out towards the pumpkin pickin’ part of our day, I was kicking myself a bit…. The mom-tographers were in full force, with their camera bags, kids in flannel, family cuteness… getting those shots I feel I can take of other families, but NEVER get of my own… (I know, I sound a little jelly, but I was!) And after the hour drive out with the amazing setting, I was bummed! Why dont I think of the cute attire?? O right, no fashion sense… and why dont I ever bring my camera bag, or at least a good lense with me?? O right, I like to travel light these days…. So a Pancake lens will do…

But those feelings fled as fast as they came on… watching Maddi rip a green monster pumpkin from the ground, Teagan twirling in the field, Andrew and Rye searching for the perfect one to take home, I just stood in awe… Im so proud of this family we have created..

I was uber happy to see when I got home and flipped through the photos I did take, I caught the memory… exactly… The way we felt, the way we played… Perfect, just for us.


SO Happy October Folks!! I hope your 1st week of Fall has been as great as mine… get out there and enjoy this weather!!

IMG_6157 copy

Till next time.. xoxo