Darius Rucker Concert…. For the Troops!

IMG_2711 copy

This 4th of July we did something a little different…..

For one thing, my eldest 2 kids were in Arkansas spending time with family… (Yeas my heart ached everyday till their return!! I dont like being separated from my babies… at all!!! even if they do make me crazy…) And 2nd, my youngest is just not a fan of fireworks… they scare her silly…. So what to do with it being just the 3 of us???

Well, a private Military Concert it is! We were just so excited to hear that “Hootie” himself would be putting on a show for the troops, and ummm BONUS, it was FREE!


From flags flying, to our men in uniform, the energy was palpable… Spending our countries Independence Day on a Navy Base, surrounded by those who serve our country and fight for our freedom was just awesome… the way it should be.

Now I am not a night photographer, actually in honesty I was LOST when it came to the settings my camera should be on, and the lens I brought was not for shooting far distances, but we documented the moment, and thats what counts. So I apologize my dear Canon for all the curses I threw at ya on this particular night!

The concert opened with Micheal Ray and Jacob Davis… Dont know who they were but they did a good job pumping the crowd up a bit!








Even buggy really got into it after a bit! She did great with the loud music and people screaming and clapping! She started dancing along and jumping around! so proud of my girl…






I was expecting Mr Rucker to do mostly country music at this performance… Surprisingly ecstatic that he took us back to days of “Hootie and the Blowfish” and cover songs of American Classics, perfectly fitting for the evening…

It was a perfect evening, even if we did have to hear the closing song “Wagon Wheel” as we walked the mile back to our car… (it was like midnight and we were EXHAUSTED!! old fogies..) However watching the men in uniform patrolling the area sing and dance to the song while we strolled back was entertaining on its own :) O those boys….



Till next time… xoxo