Mothers Day Morning at Morrison Springs


These past 2 weeks have been amazingly crazed…. My mom and brother came for a visit!! We had a whole weekend of Mother’s Day outings and family fun, and I have been working my but off trying to get some Spring cleaning done in my home to try and minimize and prioritize our lives a bit better— but that’s a whole other post!


For today I just want to share a little peek of one awesome thing we did for The Big MOM Day!

We like to try and be an outdoorsy family… venturing beyond the same-ole same-ole every weekend to discover something new we can do as a family… So hubby, being the googler he is, found us a little swimming spot up here in our neck of the woods! That would be inland from the beach, in the “Tucky” as we call it… Well actually to be specific, it was in Defuniak Springs, FL!


I mean, just look at that water! It was crystal clear, even in the deepest spots… cold, yet refreshing from the Florida heat, and just so damn blue!

b2Long boardwalks through the trees led out to diving docks, where we spent our time jumping//diving, people watching (soooo jelly of the people with their canoes! We need to just buy one…  anyone wanna give us some money???), and pushing each other in!



Its a fantastic spot for scuba diving (gotta get certified! Someday….) or just peeking around under the surface, like we all took turns doing!


O him………. <3<3<3



I highly recommend Morrison Springs ya’ll! Fabulous spot for a family outing, picnic, swimming, just day trip… we will definitely be back!


Now to get out and see what this weekend brings!! O and stay tuned this Summer! We’re planning a family vacay! Eeep!

Till next time… xoxo