Documenting the little moments… Native American Fest

Well I may be terrible at actually printing photos I take… I have thousands on a back-up from the last 4 years to go through, upload to a print shop, categorize in albums, maybe even up-date the framed shots around the house?? But Hell, who has time for that?! Not I… maybe a Summer project?

In the meantime, my camera is still, always, attached to my face… Its like I want to capture all our moments, freeze time… These kids are growing to fast, and before I know it Ill be kicking them out for college! Ouch, just that thought twists my heart….

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Ok so moving on…. This past weekend there was this awesome little Festival at the Landing down in Fort Walton… I just love it down there— on the water, tons of shops, boats, the people… The Native American art is just incredible! Full of color, natural elements, you can just feel the spirit… They put a level of craft in each piece they create… from carvings to jewelry… I was just in awe… too bad my wallet didn’t fit the level of shopping I really wanted to do!

IMG_9404-Edit-2 copy

My husband bought a “Peace Arrow” made by Valerie Hanks Goetz, Muscogee Nation of Florida… its beautiful… “The arrow is a significant part of Native American culture. For centuries, it was our method of providing food and protecting our homes. The arrow is also a symbol of peace. When given to an individual or family, the peace arrow represents a blessing of prosperity and peace for a family and should be greatly cherished…”

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We met some fully dressed Native American men who were very eager to pose for some quick photos! Which just tickled my fancy.. hehe

IMG_9381 copy

Just love it….. just beautiful…

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We heard music, listened to flutes made of beautiful wood, even heard tales of another time as we walked around to all of the booths… people watching as we go…

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If you have one of these festivals in your local area, give it a go… These people are inspiring… their culture is beautiful. One I would love to learn more about…. I seriously cant wait to go back next year…


Till next time.. xoxo