A little Drive… A Peek of where we Live!

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I can honestly say I LOVE where we live…. We are in Zushi, Japan.. A short 2 mile walk to the beach, although we usually 1 stop train it, consisting of amazing characters, yummy food, fantastic Sangria, a little Hawaiian influence, and a lovely summer sunsets…. But with all its beauty comes its HUGE population! As a mom of 3 it can be quite a challenge to explore and enjoy all this area has to offer- we are a circus side-show! Lucky for me my kids got the “beach-bum” gene that comes from being a Floridian, and they are happy with their “toes in the water and ass in the sand!” (Thank you Mr Brown ;)) So the coast is where we spend a HUGE chunk of time…



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Last Monday the kids were out of school for Columbus Day- So hubs and I were gung-ho to get out the house! We decided to go for a walk down to Enoshima Island… The island its great, we have been a few times… there is a beautiful Shrine, tons of climbing hundreds of stairs, shops, restaurants, and even a great VW van that serves Pizza right out the back from a brick oven!

But we didnt know, once again, that it was also a Japanese Holiday… FAIL!


People everywhere!!!!! So the Island was packed, beaches were packed, roads were packed, and we couldnt even find a restaurant without a line down the street to feed our 3 crazy hungry kids! So our Family outing was a bit of a mistake, ended with everyone listening to a very restless, hungry 2 year old screaming in traffic and mom and dad barely on speaking terms…. but at least I got a few photos from the car window of this stunning area in which we do really love! (Ill keep saying it till I dont feel home sick…)


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And we did get just a couple at the Island :)


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I hope to have many posts about our little adventures, but for now, this peek of our “Home” will have to do…


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